BandhuReviews is an upcoming Review & Rating website where we tend to give voice to your opinions. We are trying to strengthen the social commerce community of the country by bringing more and more users to raise their voices.

It has been widely experienced that due to the time taking and non- responsive nature of the concerned authorities, the majority of the times our voice remains unheard but not anymore. BandhuReviews will be more user-centric instead of just being a brand-centric platform for revenue. We believe that Customer Satisfaction is more valuable than Billion Dollars.

Do you know what other Review & Rating Websites Do?

They spend tons on marketing just to get users to their site so that their monthly unique visitors increases hence get paid by the Advertisers. Their main motive is to get maximum reviews and that's it — their job is done. They don't care about if their reviews are being heard or not, whether the feedback is taken into consideration or not.

This is the exact point we entirely differ from such sites. We actually take the initiative and keeps a close watch on each and every review submitted and try our level best to get it heard.


In order to strengthen social commerce, we are proud to have one of the most active social media communities on the internet. It doesn't matter if you have 1 follower or 100 Million followers, what actually matters is how active they are and if they are interested in your venture or not. Keeping this in view we are extremely proud to mention that our community keeps on growing on a daily basis at an exponential rate, all thanks to our active followers and their willingness to make this venture a huge success.

Now its time to know how things are being done on BandhuReviews and how would you get benefited out of it. Apart from Reviews & Ratings what else can you expect from BandhuReviews.

As shared many times we are not going to limit our platform just for reviews and ratings as it would make it super old school and down the line, people would lose interest in it. The fact is really simple — no matter how attached you are with a product — down the line you will eventually lose your interest if their no evolution on the product.

We took it very seriously ???? and came out with some really good addons to it just to make sure the excitement levels are always high and we never lose your attention. As that is what it matters, the moment we lose it we are done ? .